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18-Mar-2006  Zerge: And you know it
26-Feb-2006  alex.j.k: As far as I can tell...
13-Jun-2005  Dan in Philly: the assumptions you used...
14-Mar-2005  "Zerge": my equations...represent pretty much what Adam Smith said
11-Dec-2004  John J. Weatherby (Igor): Stocks were undervalued means...prices were under CURRENT EARNINGS PER A SHARE
5-Nov-2004  John J. Weatherby (Igor): THIS IS A LONG RUN ASSUMPTION
18-Oct-2004  John J. Weatherby (Igor): GDP growth is linear
12-Oct-2004  John J. Weatherby (Igor): The viewpoint used is Neo-Keynesian not Post-Keynesian
5-Oct-2004  John J. Weatherby (Igor): That is exactly why General Equilibrium started
1-Jul-2004  Andy F: How do you know
27-Mar-2004  Bob Kolker: He would be drummed out
7-Feb-2004  Mark Witte: It could be that the model is just wrong
27-Sep-2003  Mark Witte: There is no such support...
20-Aug-2003  Christopher Auld: That isn't what the
5-Jun-2003  Christopher Auld: Not that's I've checked his ludicrous arithmetic
30-Jan-2003  Drjyyc: My guess is that you aren't capable
12-Jan-2003  Tim Worstall: Not Limiting Myself...
23-Oct-2002  Chris Auld: That isn't an equilibrium
17-Oct-2002 Yes I Am
2-Oct-2002  David Friedman: Total output of the firm
17-Sep-2002  John J. Weatherby: You are assuming...
16-Jul-2002  John J. Weatherby: Rob uses the email address to give him a false credibility
1-May-2002  Maximus: He changed into only a point
27-Feb-2002  Christopher Auld: Zero sum games are uninteresting...
29-Nov-2001  Robert A. Simon: We both know that I am not
20-Jul-2001  Chris Auld: the handful of papers...are not well-known
16-Jan-2001  Chris Auld: I didn't see that
8-Oct-2000  John J. Weatherby: anit-capitalist neo-Marxism thinly vieled
5-Mar-2000  Christopher Auld: It's pointed out...
11-Feb-2000  Chris Auld: He needs to rebuked
6-Feb-2000  Chris Auld: Damn, there goes your Nobel
19-Jan-2000  Thomas Sauve: Misguided theories and disproved ideas
4-Dec-1999  Chris Auld: Here is where the problems begin
4-Nov-1999  Chris Auld: Either wildly out of context or is simply wrongheaded
7-Oct-1999  Markku Stenborg: You are saying...
22-May-1999  James McCown: Keynes wasn't very interested...
15-May-1999  John J. Weatherby: Never heard of any of them
2-Apr-1999  Christopher Auld: These authors deserve to be chided
3-Feb-1999  Edward Flaherty: Just as labor theory predicts
3-Feb-1999  Stephen Hales: I am a dictator
23-Dec-1998  Oliver Kamm: I can assure you...
17-Dec-1998  Shawn A. Wilson: NO ONE uses Leontieff technology
25-Nov-1998  Shawn A. Wilson: You don't dare actually exposing your claim
24-Nov-1998  Kelly DeRango: Robert Samuelson on Joan Robinson (two economists)
25-Oct-1998  Steven Hales: Robert tries to force it to do mathematical tricks
4-Sept-1998  Shawn Wilson: Because I felt like it
26-May-1998  William B. Vogt: Partial equilibrium analysis is a special case of the general A-D model
10-May-1998  James McCown: Your model is not robust...
8-May-1998  Dan in Philly: a demand curve only applies to the technology in use
7-Apr-1998  William B. Vogt: A slew of mathematical economics...
18-Aug-1997  Markku Stenborg: ...does in no bloody way imply...
28-Oct-1997  Steven E. Landsburg: I am very close to certain
13-Feb-1997  Markku Stenborg: There isn't any capital in the model, or if there is...
26-May-1996  Markku Stenborg: This is getting absurd.
24-May-1996  Edward John Vytlacil: I have never heard of such things
20-May-1996  Markku Stenborg: Mirowski didn't show a didly-squat.
3-May-1996  Mark Witte: ...reswitching of labor without capital
24-Apr-1996  Mark Witte: You're trotting out...
6-Mar-1995  Mark Witte: I can't believe
8-Feb-1995  Mark Witte: I really can't think of any
12-Feb-1994  Chris Auld: I very much doubt
29-Nov-1993  Chris Auld: Radical and post-Keynesian economists eager to preserve a labour theory of value
17-Sep-1992  T. Scott Thompson: This model does not have anything resembling capital in it!