Turtles and Teamsters, Too, Two

Here is an account of the 16 April 2000 anti-World Bank/IMF protests in Washington, D.C. (Yes, I know I need a tool to produce thumbnails from JPEGs and to resize JPEGs.)

Saturday afternoon I attended a reception hosted by the DC Greens in Columbia Heights. Columbia Heights is a Latino neighborhood. I believe the Cuban embassy is somewhere around here. I took some pictures on my way to the Greens. Here's the Convergence Center around 4 PM on 15 April:

There was nobody inside at this time. About 300 Washington police had closed it down due to fire code violations earlier that day. The police, I heard, had confiscated pamphlets and puppets. "Free our puppets."

Walking south, I entered this church where activists were training for direct action:

The Greens' headquarters was further south, and a little more quiet than the above scenes.

I took the subway back downtown when it was still light. I was planning on attending some lecture at Georgetown on socialism as the solution. But I asked a police officer, just out of curiosity where the World Bank building was. She directed me instead to exciting action between about "500 police and 500 citizens." I think she may have had just a slight inflection in her voice suggesting "citizens" was an euphism for "assholes." I found that the police had blocked off a block where she directed me:

The following map shows where the action was on on Sunday 16 April and Monday 17 April. The area in the yellow rectangle was closed to automobile traffic.